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Things to do

Walks or hikes:

  • to the dams, a pleasant stroll from the guest houses;
  • to an impressive rock bearing dinosaur footprints;
  • to the top of Makhoarane Plateau;
  • to the royal village of Matsieng or other neighbouring villages.

Bird watching: Morija is one of the best places in Lesotho for birdwatching because of the dams and the abundance of trees. Click here for a list of birds found in Morija.

Horse riding:  on sure-footed Basotho ponies, from short rides in the vicinity to overnight treks, with a very knowledgeable guide.

Tours of historic Morija :

  • visit of the Morija Museum and Archives (only museum in Lesotho);
  • visit of historic buildings, in particular the oldest church and the oldest house in the country;
  • visit of different institutions in the town (printing works, schools,  hospital, etc), and of the Morija Arts Centre ;
  • tour of places mentioned in Tim Couzens’ book: “Murder at Morija”.

Village sleepovers: after a four-hour hike or pony ride, small groups are welcomed for the evening and the night in the local homes of a mountain village – an unforgettable experience. Read more in an article of the South African Sunday Times (dated 10-08-14) here.

Day excursions outside Morija:

  • Thaba Bosiu, Moshoeshoe’s historic fortress;
  • Kome Caves, once used as refuge from cannibals and still inhabited today;
  • Mohale Dam, one of the outstanding sites of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project;
  • Maletsunyane Falls in Semonkong (highest waterfalls in Southern Africa).



the rock

the pony

the pony


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